Friday, September 5, 2014

Nabeel Qureshi- God and Medicine, Ebola and Islam.

In this presentation Nabeel Qureshi  speaks on the common misconception that God and Science, (and by implication- medicine) are diametrically opposed. However in his presentation he introduces some broader issues that shows just how important and essential this discussion is.

He takes very topical issues, the advance of extremist Islamic movements, as well as the recent outbreak of Ebola in Western Africa as examples of why the question of God's existence has far reaching implications. He also looks at the idea of how the so called antithesis between faith and religion, and evidence and science is often overstated and misconstrued. That science is very much concerned with evidence is well understood by the general public, what is not so commonly appreciated is that what undergirds much of science is not so much "proof" in the strictly deductive sense- but more so a web of evidence built upon inferences to the best explanation. By highlighting the inductive basis for much of science and at the same time offering evidential explanations for the existence of God in general, and the preponderance of good reason for faith in Christianity in particular, Nabeel drastically closes not only the perceived credibility gap between science and faith, but also much of the imagined antagonism.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Isis Beheading Christian Children In Iraq

In a CNN interview with a representative of the ancient Chaldean Christian faith, it is claimed that Christians are being targeted even to the point where children are being beheaded. Jonathan Mann speaks to Mark Arabo about why he thinks ISIS' persecution of Christians in Iraq has become a genocide.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Extremism Getting Close To Home

It is a sad day indeed when we see evidence of fundamentalist extremism close to home. Our immigration laws would appear in dire need of an overhaul. This is not by any means discriminatory against any race or religion, but simply we need assurances in this day and age that people who do come to this country are here as a matter of privilege and not right. People who come here need to understand that they are to accept the general social conditions of the country that is adopting them. That is not to say they need to accept second class citizenship, but that their own culture, whatever is good about it will be accepted,  but whatever is not good must be left behind.

There appears the need to ask and get guarantees that these people will honour and cherish the country that gives them a new home, and not undermine its security. And these covenants need to have teeth. People need a three strikes and you're out kind of scenario, for troublemakers.

Anyone who doesn't see the need for this reality needs to have a close look at Europe and what is happening there.